but we're not a coffee shop


We're a Small Batch Coffee Brewery

 We have developed a unique zero-oxygen cold brewing process that produces an exceptionally smooth, clean, consistent (don’t forget yummy) cup of cold-brew coffee. We did this by changing the process, not the coffee bean or roast, on thousands of batches of cold brew for well over a year. We have defined dozens of cause and effect relationships and continue to make changes to at least one batch per week just to see what happens.  


What's our Deal?

There are a lot of great coffee roasters in Michigan, and even more great coffee shops. We are offering our brewing process as a service to those who want their preferred roast returned to them in a clean, cold, nitogenated keg, filtered to 1 micron.

If you are a business or catering service that wants to serve cold-brew and/or nitro we can get you started selling the ColdSpell Coffee brand, or we can partner you up with a roaster in your area to develop your own. We just love the brewing part.


Odd Jobs

We love novelty. We have built custom nitro coolers for open houses and wedding receptions, mini kegs for bakeries, we're on tap in a local tavern, have provided coffee on tap for charities, and 2 different brewers are making beer with our coffee. Call us - we're down for about anything fun... half the time we do it for free to see if it is something that has potential.